Active implantable biomedical devices have several good reasons to be small and complex. First of all, implantable devices should fit in the animal and not conversely. Second, each device has its own control and communication units, power supply and last but, not least important, different sensors or interfaces with the animal.

NeuroConnex proposes implantable and external biomedical devices providing two main interfaces with biological systems: an electrical and a chemical.

Intra-Cortical Interface

ICI is the best example of electrical interface to neural tissue. It is intended for bidirectional communication with neurons and implements up to 256 communication channels -  penetrating electrodes, for the best contact with different neurons.

Implantable Infusion Pump

Chemical signalling is another way to spread global signals inside of the body. IIP contains a reservoir with bioactive fluid and may be refilled for several times. Build-in control unit with internal power supply activate the infusion according to the customer’s program.

Multichannel Brain-to-Computer Interface

A 64 channel wireless Bio-Amplifier compatible with our Intra-Cortical Interfaces will be available in Q2/2006. Sixty four penetrating electrodes can monitor the activities of motor cortex and send the signals to a PC. Open Software Interface, compatible with Windows and Linux based systems, gives a unique opportunity to design your own BCI applications

Wireless Bio-Amplifiers

Our new generation of Wireless Bio-Amplifiers (WBA) will free you from the typical cable clutter and give you a new feeling of freedom in your lab.  The animals can be connected to your PC during EEG, ECG or EOG while freely moveing in the cage.

All Wireless Bio-Amplifiers include a multi channel preamplifier with build-in low– and high-pass filters, data encoding engine and highly effective FM transmitter. A single battery is enough for more than 120 hours of continuous operation.

The PC interface includes itself a multi channel FM receiver and can monitor up to 16 different WBAs simultaneously. Using our 4-channel WBA you can transmit 64 EEG channels to one PC without any wired connection.

Two different versions for US and European markets are available

„ new Horizons“

3D Multi Electrode Array for in-vitro investigations

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