64-Channel Intra-Cortical Interface with the Electrode Array (left) and the percutaneous connector (right)

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Intracortical Electrodes

The worldwide first 64-channel  electrode array with integrated recording and stimulation circuits builds a bidirectional connection with neural tissue and may be used for long-term animal trials.

Very often long-term animal trials require implantable systems able to stimulate neural tissue and to register it’s responses. ICI is optimally suited for multi channel investigation of cortical activities, intra-nerve signalling and vegetative nervous system. Among several standard designs, including up to 256 electrodes, special custom assemblies may be manufactured in a very short time. The number of channels, electrode position and it’s length may be specified for your particular application. The control software allows you to select the stimulation and recording parameters, to control the internal settings of the electronic interface and includes several special modules for visual and hearing prosthetic applications. At the same time an Open Software Interface gives you a unique opportunity to implement and test your own algorithms and applications.

Stimulation and Recording in 3D

Multi channel recording methods are well known in modern neurophysiology. The next step is to explore the 3D structure of the brain using hundreds of recording and stimulation electrodes at once.

Intracortical Interface (ICI) has been specifically designed to explore deep structures of the brain in-vivo or in-vitro and offers a bidirectional interface with neural tissue. You may record the  activity of groups of cells and electrically stimulate them at the same time. The electrodes of ICI may have the same length or form any custom designed three dimensional surface and record signal from different neural layers. Using a 3D reconstruction of activity fields you can see high-speed changes in the activation of different layers and explore it’s internal organisation. Also neuroprosthetic applications benefit from such special features of ICI as:

- low impedances of electrodes,

- integrated stimulation/recording electronic,

- chronically implantable assembly,

- battery powered backpack for long-term animal trials


„...open new Horizons“

Technical characteristics:


Number of channels

16, 64, 128, 256

Stimulation modes


Stimulation amplitude, µA


Amplitude digitalisation, bit


Maximal sampling frequency, MHz


Maximal output voltage range, V


Maximal leakage current, nA


Available electrode materials

Pt, Ir, IrOx, Au

Electrode diameter, µm


Minimal electrode pitch, µm


Programmable gain amplifier, dB


Bandwidth, Hz


Internal amplifier noise, µV RMS


Supply voltage, V


Power consumption, mW