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12-16 November, 2005

Washington Convention Center

Washington, DC



“Novel scientific research


Novel scientific equipment” 

At least for 9 out of 10 cases it’s still true. Very few people can understand, how a modern PC works using just a simple oscilloscope.

If you would like to explore a function of the brain, human beings behaviour or develop an interface between the brain and computer, NeuroConnex supply novel scientific equipment in order to facilitate the way to your research goals. 

We are supporting the scientific community with new technological solutions and modern research equipment like micro electrodes, neural implants, neuro-stimulators, implantable infusion pumps and biochemical sensors

Several standard products as well as a series of custom designed devices are available for everybody interested in the exploration of the brain.

64-Channel Electrode Array

Penetrating electrodes specially designed for the implementation of visual or hearing implants provide you with unique neural interface for recording and stimulation. more...


Three dimensional electrode arrays, consisting of different length penetrating electrodes, are a new class of research tools for the investigation of internal mechanism of the brain, heart or nerves.  more...

Closed-Loop Stimulation

Modern stimulation methods, intended to reduce pain or tremor of Parkinson patients, are starting to explore the closed-loop control algorithms for the on-demand electrical stimulation. The first neural implants including a 4-channel stimulator, recording system and a powerful CPU are available now! more...

…and several other products here.


„ new Horizons“

Your are welcome!

Neurostimulator Series „Horizon“ connected to standard Deep-Brain Electrodes

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